Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I'm not going to name names or places here, but don't you just hate inconsistencies?  I know, I know, in this troubled time for many people, this is the least of worries.  But when it makes a job or home life that much harder to deal with, it sucks.  When life already sucks, it sucks even more when people don't follow what they've done in the past or what you know they're going to do in the future.  And let's be honest, big shitty stuff sucks the big one.  But it's the little stuff, on top of little stuff, on top of more stupid little stuff, that makes that suckage soooooo huge.

And I know, I have my health for the most part and we don't have cancer or another incurable disease, which is a HUGE blessing.  Things can always be worse, I am totally aware.  We are happy enough and Jeff and I at least have jobs, we have a roof over our head.  But it does not negate how I feel and the things happening to us.  And it doesn't help the people surrounding us who have it so much harder and how that is affecting me and my mental health and stress level.

So what can we do but keep working, keep trying, keep worrying, keep helping, keep hoping and keep praying.  I've done a lot of praying, and mainly for everyone else, honestly.  And we've all been trying, not just sitting on our laurels waiting for a miracle.  I, and millions of other people, just need things to get a little better to feel like I am not drowning anymore.

And back to the inconsistencies.  Why can't people just do what they say they're going to do?  Why can't they just do what they're supposed to do?  Why?  Why?  Why?  That's just one little thing added to make the suckage of the week oh so much better.

And now I'm done bitching. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hunger Games

Well, I was ahead of the curve at work at least for reading the Hunger Games (many have now borrowed and read my books thoroughly).  I got the series for my birthday last November, not too long after Mockingjay was released.  I had heard the people on the podcast Pottercast that I listen to raving about it.  So I had to give it a whirl. 

Well, well, what a whirl it was.  I was actually very, very busy at work that week.  Had a ton of transcripts to do.  And I did all my pages throughout that whole week while reading every lunch hour and only at night after Caimbrie went down for bed and during breaks in court.  And I read all three books before the week was finished.  Damn, it's a great series.

Now, those who know me, know that I'm a Harry Potter fanatic.  I have my snitch tattoo to prove it....not that that's why I got it, but nevertheless.  I also like the Twilight series.  I'm not one to compare, I just like books to like them, or love 'em if I love 'em.  And although the writers and stories are completely different and I'm not obsessed with Hunger Games like HP, I do have to say I love the series. 

So I finally got a chance to watch the trailer.  A day late, yes, but I JUST watched it.  And wow, it evokes everything that I felt when reading the book.  I didn't think it would.  I was skeptical about their choices for actors (like I have the right), but I was.  Well, this put that skepticism away for me.  I really, really am looking forward to this movie.  And if you haven't read the books, I always believe there can't possibly be enough in the movies to portray the feelings and thoughts of the main character in a book on screen, so I say read them.  But I bet even if you don't read them, that the movie would be worth a watch.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween and Birthday

Well, I'm 31.  Wahoo.  No biggie, never been upset or bothered by numbers.  It's how you feel.  And my knees yesterday felt about 80.  But that's cause of the weather.  But that aside, it was a decent birthday.  Not the worst, not the best.  But isn't that how it goes?  I did FINALLY get something from Caimbrie - more like daddy - that says that I'm a mom!  I got a World's Greatest Mom bag, very cute, pink and white.  And 2 charms for my bracelet: a World's Greatest Mom and a 2-part charm - a split heart that says Mother and Daughter.  So I've got my mother half on my bracelet and when Caim has a bracelet, she'll get to put the Daughter half on there.  Oh, how could I forget....Jeff got me a dozen - yes, a dozen - of my favorite Veruca Salt cupcakes from Bleeding Heart Bakery!  Mmm, Mmm, Mmm are they good.  I shared some at work yesterday, but it was my birthday and I have a right to be a little selfish with some of them, don't I?

And I know I'm going backwards, but onto Halloween, which was Monday...but Caimbrie was the cutest little Peep!  I know that I'm biased, but I got a lot of comments about how cute she was.  Jeff and I were both off and while he finished up our yard and putting out the fog machine and getting the mechanics of some things ready, I took Caim to my mom's work and to my work...and it made for a pretty tiring, long morning.  But the girl filled her pumpkin all the way between the two work places!  Mocha was a duck, and she got many compliments as well, and a few biscuits...which she doesn't need.  And those shoes?  They were just cheapy white shoes, but I double-sided-taped on the fluffy yellow trim....so cute!

And we actually came very close to giving away all the candy - full sized candy bars, I might add - to all the kids that came by.  Now, we bought the least amount we've ever bought, 4 boxes.  But there's 30 bars to a box and that's 120 bars. (The Reese's box was a back-up in case we actually ran out.)  Normally we get 5 or 6 boxes but only go through about 2 boxes worth, if that.  This year we don't even have a full box left!  Woo hoo!  Not like I mind, really, but we finally are getting some kids!  We live right by a grammar school, for goodness sake!