Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Swaps, Swaps, Swaps

I have no time.  But I loooove knitting.  And I especially love knitting for Swaps!  I am in a...wait for it....Harry Potter swap!  I am so friggin excited, I can't even stand it.  In this swap, we have no clue who our spoiler is, the person sending to us.  We only know the person we're sending to.  So, right up my alley, I get to "stalk" the person in Ravelry and if she has a blog, blah, blah, blah to find out as much as I can about what she likes, dislikes, wants, can't stand, and come up with a totally made-especially-for-her swap box!  I have....no, I can't say who my spoilee is because who knows?  She could bustle around on the net and come across my  blog and wallah!  She would know.  That would be so sad.  Because I want to spoil her to death!  Well, not LITERALLY to death, but I want her to be so happy. 

And she's actually a fantastic knitter.  I am envious.  BUUUUT many people said in the swap, as long as it's for them, they don't care if it's not necessarily up to their knitting "standards" I guess is the only way to put it, or their level maybe?  That it's just made for them and you put your heart into it is all they ask.  Which is what I ask.  But being a new knitter, only a year and a half, I have some self-esteem issues with that, that's okay.  I'm allowed.  But I'm over it.  I'm soooo excited with what I have planned.  I just don't have enough time!  And I signed up for another swap, a "loomy exchange" for Mother's Day.  That one is much less intense, so I'm busting out on my project for that as I type.  I have one more thing to do at home for that and then some goodies to fill her box up with.  It's only a $6 limit, not including postage, and since I'm using all stash yarn and made my own pattern up to make the project and I have all the stuff to make the other little project that I'm adding to it, I have to go out and buy her some goodies to fill up that box!

And Elin from Sweden sent me her box and I have to post my pictures for you!  I loved it and she spoiled me!!!

Whole box of goodness!

Knitted little pouch, holding all my safety pins in my knitting bits and bobs bag.  A really cute had and a mug hug with a pocket for a tea bag on the side!

Ah-May-Zing teas locally from her.  Champagne and another one based off of a local legend of sorts and just yummy as can be!

Chocolates that I am eating right this second....and Oh My God, they are friggin gooooooood!

Me in the hat that Caim won't let me take off at home!

And this is actually the Easter basket that I did up for Caim for Easter.  Not from Elin ;)  You can't quite see all the little rhinestones and beads I put on, but I tried to do it up good for her!