Saturday, March 23, 2013


So I've been knitting and spinning and just doing my thing.  Haven't really come on to add anything as of late.  Had good holidays, my daughter has only now just got out of her full-on beast mode of the 2 year old that she is and is actually having SOME good days.  We've been super busy with real life dilemmas and things, but things for the better for us as a family.  The pregnancy is just moving along, less than 8 weeks to go now.

But there is a story that I just have to share, I can't not.  When you watch a miracle unfold before your eyes, you just have to share it.

So *R at work, her daughter has been going through some major stuff, ever since she had and beat Leukemia when she was 21.  It was a heck of a battle, and at the time she was with some guy, she didn't know if she'd end up marrying him, and they didn't offer freezing eggs, only embryos.  So she didn't freeze embryos with that guy...thank goodness.  She didn't end up marrying him, she ended up with this awesome, amazing guy, and they are just those people that no one dislikes, the 'special people' put in this world, I say.
So we get a new girl at work in November, Terri.  She's the president of a maternity house to help with girls who are 12-18 and have no where to go and no one to help them.  Me and *R are talking in the back one day about stuff that's going on with her daughter, who decided that so she can have the joy of carrying a child, she would give up having it be hers and had gone through a whole process to find an egg donor.  While going through everything to see if she could have even found out if she could have her own babies, she found out she has didelphys, which is a uterus that has a wall in the middle, so it's split in two.  So she was in the process of going through a very iffy surgery to get that wall removed for a better pregnancy eventually.
Terri pipes in about not wanting to interrupt, but hey, what's happening?  Would her daughter ever be interested in adoption?  This could be an option because some girls don't keep their babies...blah, blah, blah.
In 2 weeks, no lie, 2 weeks, they get a call from a girl who is 19, technically out of their age range for the maternity house, but she had such a great personality and wanted to adopt out her child, was 8 month pregnant, shamed, would be shunned in her home country and with her family, she needed help.  They just couldn't turn her away.  So a phone call to *R and calls to the daughter and a ball rolling.....they met, they loved her, she loved them, the daughter's a labor and delivery nurse, she wants to be a nurse, they get along great...and March 1st her baby was born.  After the bonding with the daughter and taking her to her doctor's appointments and hospital visits, she signed off on the adoption and didn't look back. And neither did they.  He's so friggin cute, it's not even a joke.
And that's the story of fate in my work office that changed these families forever.

And here's a picture of the blanket I knitted up, power knitting, for that little cutie.

And if you want to check out the Maternity House of Fox Valley, here's the link...