Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

Well, we had a fun day.  Relaxed, cleaned, caught up on DVR'd stuff...and carved pumpkins.  Well, Jeff and I carved pumpkins while Caimbrie sat back and watched, eating cheese balls and drinking her milk...and dropping extra cheese balls to Mo.

We had a good time.  I got the small pumpkin, and my carving skills leave much to be desired.  I'm pathetic.  But that's okay.  I own it.

Jeff on the other hand, although it took him about 4 hours, yes, 4 hours....his pumpkin is  awesome.  Well, to me it's awesome.  He is methodical and spent all this time with little tools carving and sculpting and shaving....blah, blah, blah.  But I think it turned out pretty kick-ass.  And it is pretty awesome in the dark, if I do say so myself.  You get a better idea for the slight cuts in the mouth and stuff when it's dark and lit up from inside.

Friday, October 28, 2011


Mmmm.....who doesn't love a fanfriggintastic cupcake?  Whatever your pleasure - big, small, vanilla, chocolate, buttercream, cream cheese frosting....there's something for everyone, right?  Well, I've had my fair share of cupcakes from this "cupcake craze" that's been going on lately.  And my disclaimer to this post is that I have NOT tried every cupcake flavor at each of these places, I'm only basing it off of what I've had, and family has had.   Some places it's 10 different cupcakes, some places it's only 3.  But still, I go on.

I had Flirty Cupcakes, from the blue van.  They're good, but a denser cake and if you're not a cream cheese frosting lover, which I'm not, the frosting is a little blander than I'd like.  Good, don't get me wrong...but not a to-die-for cupcake, in my opinion.  But I'd go back.

We went on a Chocolate Tour downtown, compliments of Amanda =), and went to More Cupcakes.

They were pretty flavorful.  I have to say, I did like them.  But honestly?  I'm remembering the decor of the small, chic place, more than the lasting flavor in my brain. But if I were around the area again?  I probably would stop in and try another one.

After that tour was finished, we made our way over to Sprinkles (not on the tour). 
My, my, my, was there buzz about this place?  Must be Ah-May-Zing, right?  I mean, we were about 6th in line....and then a few minutes later we turn around, there had to be at least 15 people behind us!!!  Yeah - no.  We were totally excited.  But they left something to be desired, quite honestly.  I mean, I'm a baker.  I don't claim I'm fantastic, but I can bake.  Pretty much anything.  We all make mistakes, I've done it, the best have done it...I'm not Top Chef: Just Desserts material, but I can put out a mean dessert.  I could make more flavorful cupcakes, in my opinion.  Sorry, but they left NOTHING to be desired for me.  Will not be going back.

Now for my favorites.  There are two.  I started with Bleeding Heart Bakery, whom I LOVE!  We had a tad of a mishap with the cake made for us for our 30th birthdays last year (above, my pic), but they fixed it and made up for it, and that's all water under the bridge.  I still stand by them for their flavors AND what they stand for.  And Organic Punk Rock bakery?  LOVE IT!!!  Anyway, they are fuckin awesome.  I LOVE the Veruca Salt.  I can't get enough of it.  But there's not one near me, so I don't get enough of it.  But it's an awesome treat!
Seriously, if you go, go by, whatever....try their cupcakes.  I'll ALWAYS go back.

Now for my most recent.  Wow, Crumbs.  Man, do they have it down, or what?  They rock.  Plain and simple.  Now, the only difference between them and Bleeding Heart?  The friggin size of the cupcakes.  They are SO BIG!  And that's just their regular sized cupcakes.  I'm not talking the Colossal ones.  I haven't even tried all the ones that Jeff brought home from the shop close to his work, but let me tell you, Holy Shit!  Wow.  I seriously cannot finish one by myself.  That's the only downfall.  If I got one and didn't have someone who liked the same flavors or whatever, I wouldn't be able to finish it.  Would it keep for a day?  Till the end of the day?  I have no clue.  But it's damn worth it.  But according to Jeff, they do make sampler packs or taste packs that have smaller cupcakes in them.  That may be the way to go, but I don't think you can pick and choose your cupcakes.  So you have to do what suits you in that respect.  But they have the moistest (what a kind of gross word, huh?) cake which is also light, but still oddly sturdy to hold the massive toppings and frosting they put on it that are chock full of flavor.  But the cake is also very flavorful.  So this place I would go back to, will go back to, am LOVING.  I wish they had a picture of the Coffee Cupcake that I ate and shared with Sandy, but they don't.  So I'll put up the picture of the Reese's Cupcake they have that's going to be consumed probably tonight at home.

That's my take on it!  And I don't know if I'm infringing on any of these websites by putting the pictures of the cupcakes on my blog or not, if I am, I'll delete them.  But I can take a pic myself of the Resee's one tonight, but not the Veruca Salt....and not the pics of More or Sprinkles.  But who knows.  Not me!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Just a quick note before I give my little one a bath here.  I wanted oh-so-badly to be a Marshmallow Peep like my daughter will be for Halloween.  But money's been tight and I figured, okay, well, now's the time, if at all. 

With Halloween being Monday, it being Wednesday night....I cannot justify spending as much on shipping to get me the costume that they only made available for one year...last the costume itself.  Ridiculous.

So I will not be a Peep, but a boring mom walking down the street with Caimbrie this Halloween.  And I was looking forward to it.  But in these times?  I don't think so....crazy companies.

My First Blog!

Okay, this is going to be short and sweet.  Maybe not sweet.  But I decided after many readings of other blogs, it was time to put on my own.  I guess more as a journal and my musings than anything.  But now I'm short on time, having spent it all figuring this thing out.  So for the none of you who read this, it won't matter that I'm not writing anything of substance!

So have a Magical Day!