Thursday, May 8, 2014

Happiness and Sadness

Well, so much for writing every week.  Eh, is what it is.  I was reading a post of one of my fabulous online friends, Amy, and she very eloquently said she chooses to be happy.  Every day she chooses to be happy and sometimes are harder than others.  Got that right.  I think I'm generally a happy person and I try not to let the little stuff get me down.  But hey, every once in a while, too much crap gets to me and I have waaaay too much stress and too much on my plate...and I crack.  Not quite literally, but might as well have.  Hey, I think depression isn't anything to be ashamed of.  And I'm pretty sure that's where I'm at right now.  And I'm lucky to have a great support system and some super kick-ass family and friends, around me at work and there for me even when I don't see them nearly as often as I'd like...and a fabulous community of online friends in my Anacondas Nest of snakes in my Slytherin group on Ravelry.  I can't say enough about the encouragement and good thoughts they all send my way.  I'm grateful to them all.  And I want to be happy...but I think I need to make it through what I'm in before that's going to be an everyday thing again.

I started working out at lunch with Annie.  I feel great afterwards, which is a good feeling.  I need it.  I need it for physical and mental.  And I push myself, so that's all fabulous for me.

My wee man is 1 year old!  Monday was his first birthday, and it was celebrated at the doctor because he has another ear infection.  This poor kid, I swear.  But he's still a happy little dude.  We are having his birthday celebration with his Baptism, which time and circumstances did not allow us to do earlier, at the end of May.  Loooots of people will hopefully be there, but we only do first birthdays, so we do them up.  Why not?  I just hope I can hold it together for it all.

And on a happy note, I won a book from that fabulous Amy mentioned above and I got it in the mail early this week!!!  A book of crochet patterns of all different hats for parent/child....they're so friggin cute!  I am in the midst of working on a blanket for a shower, I made flowers for Quidditch on Rav which went to Caim for her Barbie house, and a square I turned in for Care of Magical Creatures class that went also to Caim as a Barbie house rug.  I've done a monster, working on a Minion....and I can't say specifically what my Owl is, it's a gift, but when it's done, it should be epic...but I am STILL waiting on the 2nd round of yarn for this project!!!

So lots on my plate, good things, but still lots.  Just keep swimming....