Thursday, August 7, 2014

Shower fun :)

Well, I've been busy crafting for Christmas time, so just in case any of those people happen to randomly come to this blog, I can't put any pictures of my creations on here.  But since Amanda has had her shower and her surprise shawl is fully made, I can put lots of pics up of the shawl and show it looks now that it's all done!

We are having my brother's wedding shower at my house in September.  That should be fun.  I have gotten some of the stuff I ordered for the shower favors so far....they are going to be adorable!

I personally think Amanda's were adorable as well :)  Made a Lemon Sugar Scrub and put it in little jelly jars and then put a little slice of soap on top in a clear bag with colorful crinkle paper at the bottom and cute ribbons to tie it up.  Cutest favors I've done yet.  I think Kayla's will be just as cute, but that's my opinion.