Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Time flies....and so does the crafting :)

So I've just been whittling the time away working and crafting.  Holidays happened, and they were fun.  New years happened, it was uneventful.  And so far this year we've dealt with just us being sick, and the allergies now because of the up and down of the Illinois weather not knowing what it's doing from one day to the next.

But I have made some progress on several things, and I'll share them here.

So I made some things for Christmas...
Sewed up some American Girl doll clothes to go with the new AG doll that Caim got for Christmas.

Made a Baymax which Carl just loves.

And a matching Minion hat for my brother :)

For someone else I made these gems....

Dr. Who weeping angel, anyone???

Here's a collective collage of all stuff made in 2015...

Pretty proud of myself.....I actually did quite a lot more than I had thought!

And 2016 has been pretty eventful even with all the sickness and after-holiday tireds that we all get...

Kiddo stuff...

That hat and booties are also for the doll.  She needed accessories after the holidays for Kanani (who is an old Doll of the Year, but we've been saving her for years for her to be old enough)

I have created a couple things to send off to a friend...and if she sees this, it'll ruin the surprise, but I'm proud of them.....

If you're looking for this shawl pattern, it's Fortune's Shawlette by Tamara Kelly of Moogly Blog and it's a free pattern.  I added a bead to every chain1 stitch for every other row.....420 beads in total.....and they're not really noticeable....but they are up close and I hope on a sunny day they'll add a little something.

I still have one more thing to do for her, then it'll be off in the Post for her.

I was commission to make these few things....
The hippo was actually last year, but I figured I'd put him in this section.  Isn't he cute?

Princess Leia hat for a baby, soon to be born.

And the Octopus.  Man, I'm happy with him, Octavius the Octopus, but I had a few snafus.  My Ravelry project page has them all laid out in specifics for anyone who wants to read it....but I didn't pay attention to how I put on the tentacles and I had a few that I had to flip.  It was aggravating...but a really great end product.  I think I did pretty good for modifying a free pattern I had seen and making it bigger and my own :)

So as of right now, I have to work on the Happypotamus that I started like 2 years ago for Carl....because after that Octopus, he wants his I promised him.  Then I've got a puzzle ball I want to do, another animal, 2 baby blankets, and a crocheted overlay top I told a dear friend I would make for her.  So the first is the Happypotamus.  Then I think the baby blanket 1.  Then it'll be the top.  Then the other baby stuff :)
We'll see how quickly I can pump this stuff out!!
Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of your week.  And I'll try my best to update with projects a little quicker :D