Friday, February 20, 2015

February's Flying By!

I can't believe it's the 20th of February.  It's been a whirlwind of pumping out work.  Losing one of my best friends from working with me to the Federal Courts, and she deserves it, but I still miss seeing her lovely face every day.  And she's busy too, so not nearly enough communication.

But I have been doing a little bit of crafting.  Some cooking and baking.  I just this week have purged and reorganized my desk.  I really should've taken before and after pictures, I did not take before pics, though.  It was a disaster.  And I just kept putting it off.

But here are some glances of the before....behind the ram and all the stuff littering my desk in the kid's drawing picture.  I really did not have a lot of usable work space, I just was collecting piles of stuff and paperwork that I didn't go through.

And here is my after.  It's so much fresher for me.  I can't even describe how much better it is.

We had fun in the yard a few weeks ago right before a big snowfall and after it.

Yes....Carl's wearing pink boots :)

We made Paczki one day....well, Jeff did.  They were great.

A few other things I've made....

This was her skirt for the daddy daughter dance. I made it with just an acrylic yarn I had that matched the Sashay Yarn/Ruffle scarf yarn that is out there.  And I thought it was cute and she loved it, all that matters :)
I don't currently have a pic of daddy and daughter, but I will get one soon and throw it up :)

Hope everyone is having a good Lent so far.  I have decided not to give anything up, but do the declutter of getting rid of a bag of 'stuff' every day for 40 days.  And that started with my desk!  And I succeeded!

I have french onion soup stuff for tomorrow and I made beef stew last night.  Some quick spaghetti on Wed.  So I'm at least feeding my kids ;)

Hope you have a great weekend!  I have a seminar to attend for work, which I will be taking crafting materials with me to like I do every other year.  And I will be organizing some of the playroom and purging in there on Sunday.