Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Meditation and Spinning

Well, I'm continuing on my spinning while the Tour de France takes place. Monday was a rest day. I have spun up almost 1 3.25 oz batt just this week, then on to plying and starting the last batt for my Harry Potter Knitting Crochet House Cup OWL.
Here's some progress photos....
This was the next up in my spinning, fake cashmere, and I've never spun anything so lovely on my spinning time yet.

Here's the next from Inglenook Fibers
This is the first bobbin. 

Here's the progress on the 2nd bobbin. It's got about .3 oz left, then it's a spun up.

It's interesting to try and spin a gradient. I'll see how it plies up and if I did a consistent job of spinning or not.

I'm participating in the Deepak and Oprah 21 day meditation on gratitude now. I am doing day 3 at lunch. Was behind a day and did day 2 this morning because yesterday was a full day in court.
But it's a good one. Gratitude for others and yourself is always a good message and something I need to remind myself of. You get what you give.  Yesterday's mantra was All Good Things Bring Gratitude.
I'm not centered so much and it's hard to get into these meditations this time. My body is restless. That just makes me know even more I need to get back into meditation and calm my whole self down. Center myself. And I could feel progress today already. So hopefully it will be back to being one even self in another day or so.

Have a happy and healthy day. Center yourself if you can. You will certainly benefit.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Day 4 TdF

Despite feeling like crap today, I couldn't make it to work, just couldn't do it, I got some spinning done. So did Caim for that matter. So here's my spinning from last night and today, though I plan on starting a new batt tonight too.

I hope you are feeling better than I am today. But no matter how you feel, craft if you can :)

Monday, July 6, 2015

Wow. Is it July already?

Well, we've had a few things happen.  The Wee Man turned 2.  Our Sugar turned 5.  We're all registered for Kindergarten, which starts in only a little over a month.  Which is ridiculous since we've had the rainiest summer time months I can remember.

But all is going well.  I've taken up spinning yarn again and I'm very, very happy.  I got a Great Wheel, has a broken leg and needs to be fixed, but it was passed on to me for free!!  Can't beat that!  When it's all fixed, I will definitely take some pics.

Here's some crocheting spoils for the last few months.

My HPKCHC Spinning OWL, spinning 1.5 lb of fiber in 3 months....progress so far.

This is part of my OWL, but it's also part of the TDF....Tour de Fleece...a take on the Tour de France that is taking place.  You challenge yourself to spin every day the riders are 'spinning' away on their bikes.

Baby gifts


Project Gnome Diplomacy for MochiMochiLand Blog

Gift for Lidia, a 'sort of' crocheted version of her doggie, Chloe

Test Crochet for Nerdy Knitters Designs of Twilight Sparkle Chibi

Teacher gifts for preschool teachers.  Apple keychains and Pencil coasters to go with teacher mugs. 

A Dr. Who Swap through Odd Ducks.....this is a Kindle Fire HD Tardis Cozy and a Weeping Angel 

I will be spinning for the next month, I am pretty sure it is.  I will spin up  my OWL fibers that I've got and I'll put up progress photos here.  And I will also spin this up next....
Salt Water Taffy's GORGEOUS.  I can't wait to spin it.  I don't know why I didn't put it as part of my OWL....but oh well.  

On the home front, we had a good, but long, 4th of July.  The kids are happy and healthy, with the exception of the allergy to mosquito bites that Sugar has.  She welts up like no one's business and it's hard to see happen.  And since the mosquitoes are big enough to carry my kids away with them this year, it's trying.  But Hubby has been newly voted into the Mason's, so that's a good journey he'll be taking. Hopefully the breakaway group that we're now a part of, the Levelers, will bring us together some more as a family and into a nice, new group of people.

That's all for now.  Hope you  had a safe holiday :)