Wednesday, September 23, 2015

First Day of Autumn!

Well, we're heading into Autumn...officially now.  The weather here in Illinois has been so screwy lately. I much prefer the cool weather, so I'm looking forward to not having to deal with the blazing sun and hot that keeps cropping back up.

I am just working like crazy.  Trying to get everything done.  Keep the house in order.  Organizing, still....always a work in progress, the house is.

I finished spinning that Owl back in July.  I spun it all up....and here's the final products....

I think they turned out pretty awesome, if I do say so, myself :)

I am spinning another Owl this term in HPKCHC.  I'm spinning up a History of Magic Owl....vanishing enough fiber into yarn to create 3 adult pairs of socks for my 3 character interpretations.  I've got Zygmunt Budge (Felix Felicis inventor)  all yellow and golden.  Hermione Granger, pink with some dark purples and other vibrant colors mixed in.  And Draco Malfoy, all green and dark with some pops of sparkle and shine cause there's some good deep down in there.  And here it all is.

In August we celebrated 11 years of marriage, some rocky, most not.  But it's been a good run, so far.  So here's to another 11! 
We actually had our first kid-free weekend!  Thank you, John and Kay (brother and SIL)!!!  Who generously took them and had good times with them while we spent some quality time together and got ourselves some tattoos as well.

Jeff's tattoo for the Taurus representing Carl....
(have to add in a little bit)

My Tattoo of Carl's footprint from birth with his birthday, FINALLY, and Caimbrie's name in her handwriting above her footprint... (also needs to be added later)

And my AWESOME watercolor hummingbird :)  Who we found out later is a take off a DC watercolor hummingbird (I just found a photo of one I liked on the net and we went with that).  But I will eventually fill up that left calf/lower leg with water color tats....very excited for that :)
This was done by Ashley at Gary's Tattoos in Galena, IL....and she is fanfuckingtastic, in my opinion :)

So I've done a little crafting, but mostly spinning.  But here's my latest crafty things...

The Salt Water Taffy was AMAZING!

Some fiber I purchased from Psalm 23 at the Wisconsin State Fair for an Orphan Black swap.

Some Girl on Fire Fiber and spun up....gradient fire yarn...I love it!

And some coasters and an Owl I made for Nancy's birthday....and then she left us to go to Milwaukee, but she seems happier there, so that's what matters :)

Caimbrie has been loving her kindergarten!  She's had her first month and she's doing all right.  Had some mishaps.  She doesn't like being different, the only one in her class of 18 with glasses...a new development.  But I and everyone else think she looks adorable!! 

We have had some issues lying, though.  And to stop that, it had to be I gave to Goodwill a garbage bag full of ponies and barbies and our brand new, bought with her money, Apple Jack Build-a-Bear.  Harsh....but the lying. has. to. stop.  She does seem better since that, which is good. 

So now after the negative, I have a positive reinforcement happening.  We've got a chart, and every day she comes home with a brown bear, no red bear, for listening at school, then she will get a special treat with me on a Friday or a Saturday.  Whether it's coloring with me and tea and cakes or cookies, or going to pick something out at David's Tea, which is amazing, by the way...Thank you, Adrienne!!
So far, so good.  We'll see how it goes.  A negative, because the consequences weren't working.  And now positive to work towards something. 

Look, I'm only winging this parenting thing.  I'm doing the best I can.  But hopefully some things will stick and work out in the end.

I think that's enough for now!  Have a happy week, all!

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